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10 Things You Need To Know About Rhinoplasty

The nose is one of the most prominent facial features. If it’s too small, crooked, or too wide, it can be seen as out of proportion to the rest of the face. The nose is one of the first things that someone sees when they meet you. Some studies suggest that people first look at each of your eyes (to see if you are happy, curious, friendly, or mad), then at your mouth to see if you are smiling, then back past your nose to your eyes again. They look at the center of your face in an upside triangle pattern. This is why the shape of the nose is so important to many people.

A Rhinoplasty, which can be referred to as a nose job, is a kind of surgical procedure that changes the shape of the nose structure while improving or maintaining your nasal breathing. The goal is to help restore balance to your facial aesthetics. It is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures today.

If you’re considering having a Rhinoplasty, the first question that comes to mind is, “What are the things I need to know about Rhinoplasty?”.

This article will discuss the top 10 things you need to know about Rhinoplasty, so let’s begin.

Have Realistic Expectations

When getting a Rhinoplasty, it’s essential to understand that it’s not magic. If you want to have the nose structure of a celebrity, it may not be possible to duplicate the same on your face exactly. Why? It is because of many factors, including your face and nose’s bone structure. Getting the same nose may not be proportionate with your facial features, making it look out of place.

You Need To Take Time Off

One of the things you need to know about a Rhinoplasty is that it’s not a cosmetic surgery procedure you get in the afternoon and enjoy at a party in the evening.

When you get Rhinoplasty, it’s not only important but also mandatory to take time off to heal. The time needed to heal after the Rhinoplasty procedure varies from person to person. The point is to prepare in advance and manage your schedule accordingly to take time off.

You May Not Like Your New Appearance Immediately: have patience.

The results of a nose job are not visible immediately after the procedure. After Rhinoplasty, the body takes time to recover, and the nose region would likely be swollen or bruised. The nose may also have a splint after the nose job, and there might be lingering pain and discomfort.

The results would start surfacing in a few days or weeks after taking proper rest, taking anti-inflammation medication like ibuprofen or a steroid (if prescribed), and keeping your head elevated when sleeping.

However, it’s important to avoid strenuous activities for a couple of weeks and allow swelling to subside, bruises to go away, and nasal structure to heal completely. Avoid activities that place your head below your heart level (like yoga) for the first several weeks.

Final Results May Take Time

As mentioned earlier, swelling and bruises would remain for the first couple of weeks, sometimes even more. It depends on the cosmetic surgery procedure and your body’s response to the surgery. Don’t worry, though, as all the visible signs of bruises and swelling would be gone in four to five weeks.

However, note that some of the last signs of swelling may take a few months to even a year to go away. It’s important to stay patient and follow the after-care routine prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon.

When Done Well, It Should Look Natural

There’s no doubt that when cosmetic surgery is done well, it should enhance your natural beauty.

A good Rhinoplasty doesn’t always have to be complicated. It only alters your nose slightly to make it look proportionate with the rest of the facial features. When the nose blends well, it looks natural and doesn’t attract any peculiar attention.

Rhinoplasty Is For All Genders

Many men are opting to go for Rhinoplasty today, and the figure continues to rise every year. The number of men going for a Rhinoplasty has risen by over 300 percent since 1997.

Rhinoplasty Is Not For Everyone

If you’re unhappy with your nose and its appearance, it makes you a probable candidate for Rhinoplasty.

However, it’s important to know that you must be flexible, have realistic expectations of the procedure, understand its risks, and discuss other pros and cons with your surgeon.

Also, your health should be in good condition to support the post-surgery healing process. If you smoke, make sure to quit before the procedure, or at least ensure you don’t smoke till the nose has completely healed after a Rhinoplasty procedure.

You May Need To Consider Other Procedures

In some cases, it’s possible that once you change the shape, size, or look of your nose, other facial features may start to appear disproportionate.

For example, a small chin may look out of proportion from the profile (side view). Your surgeon may recommend you have both a Rhinoplasty and chin surgery to create more balanced facial aesthetics.

Sometimes, Revisions Are Needed

Even if the Rhinoplasty procedure is completed, the results may not be as you envisioned. At times, the healing process may not go as planned, resulting in a minor flaw still visible. In such cases, revision surgery is needed to correct any remaining flaws to get that perfect nose.

Make Sure To Choose The Right Surgeon

Rhinoplasty is a rather complex surgery, the results of which primarily depend on the skills of the hand that performs it. Make sure to do your research well and zero in on a board-certified facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon who is reputable, experienced, and skilled with an excellent track record.

Your relationship with the surgeon is crucial to achieving positive results, as you work together to develop a pre and post-surgery care routine that ensures excellent results, complementing your natural beauty.


If you’ve been considering going for a Rhinoplasty for a while, it’s time to make a move and go for it.

Consult with a facial plastic surgeon to gain knowledge about the Rhinoplasty procedure and to help prepare you for the surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a common cosmetic surgery procedure that has evolved over the years to become a safe procedure that you should learn more about.

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